What Are the Best SEO Plugins for WordPress Sites in 2020?

SEO Wordpress Plugins

Best SEO Plugins for WordPress Sites in 2020

You don’t need to be an SEO expert to optimize your WordPress site for search engines. With the help of the right SEO plugins, your website could rank on top of SERP, out-ranking your competitors.

Here is a list of the best SEO plugins for WordPress that you can easily install on your site and get your site ready for search engines.

Alternative SEO Plugins for WordPress [Overview]

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Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is a convenient plugin for your WordPress websites that will help boost your search engine optimization rankings of your website. It is a completely scalable solution to all your requirements for an efficient performing website. Yoast SEO was introduced in 2008 and ever since it has multiple websites to grow exponentially to market their products to the right customers. It has main features that will boost your websites ranking on Google search engine or help you write content that will efficiently target customers. It will also help you organize your website to engage more customers in your online content. [Yoast SEO Review]

All in One SEO Pack

Semper Plugins aims to provide top-notch WordPress SEO plugins that will help you generate more traffic to your website. It will rank your website higher on Google and Bing Searches. They provide you with high-quality widgets and have increased the traffic of many websites around the world. All in one SEO pack plugin is the most amazing tool for managing your WordPress SEO. Semper plugin uses open graph protocol that is associated with Facebook and many other social sites. With the help of this plugin, you can optimize your WordPress site for SEO. [All in One SEO Pack Review]

W3 Total Cache

A caching plugin is used to store a version of pages in the cache. W3 Total Cache improves your site’s performance by caching. It does so by improving overall server performance. It provides transparent content delivery network integration for your site. W3 total cache aims to provide you with a better experience by reducing the downloading times. It is known as the powerhouse of plugins. It serves you with static pages rather than dynamic content. This plugin helps you to speed up your WordPress website efficiently. [W3 Total Cache Review]


MonsterInsights is a famous WordPress plugin tool that enables its users to use Google Analytics website tracking services with their WordPress site. If you are a WordPress site owner, you may want to track your site traffic, e.g. e-commerce transactions, form abandonment/ conversion, etc. MonsterInsights, with its multiple features, makes the use of Google Analytics easy and understandable for users who may find it tricky to use, directly. In a few simple steps, you can re-configure important WordPress metrics. The complex and advanced Google analytics features can be easily implemented using MonsterInsights. [MonsterInsights Review]

Relevanssi Review

Relevanssi is an optimized and refined version of a standard WordPress plugin. The user is provided with better search results and a neater display of the desired results. It basically enhances the experience of the way you search, using numerous configurations. The core reason why this improved plugin was developed was to provide aid to pages that identify the questions of various users. The ordinary WordPress plugin was unable to do so, hence it failed to establish a link with those pages. It is effective in a way that allows the users to spend more time on the website, thus more content is available to engage the user. [Relevanssi Review]


ShortPixel is an “install-and-forget-about-it” blessing to all those content writers out there who are hosting several pictures on their routine-based work. It is designed to reduce the pixels of an image in such a way that the image quality is maintained, and the delivery of content is faster. ShortPixel is an add-on to any site where not only pictures but PDF documents can also be compressed and optimized. Compress any file in just a click. If you are thinking of a best-tested file compressor to use, ShortPixel is the right option for you. [ShortPixel Review]

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