Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)

Learn new pay per click advertising strategies and discover new PPC tools to use for optimizing your paid campaigns. Find out how to research for good keywords, how to create high converting ads and landing pages. Get your paid advertising campaigns to the next level.


What is PPCSecure?

PPCSecure is a click fraud detection software that monitors your ads using an advanced algorithm. Once click frauds are detected, the IP addresses are blacklisted so your ads no longer display for them.… More Details


What is AdWary?

AdWary is a tool that can monitor your PPC campaigns, analyze and detect illegal clicks and separate real customers from click farms, bot networks, and competitors clicks.… More Details


What is ClickGuard?

ClickGuard is a click fraud protection software that can stop fraudulent clicks on your PPC ads so you can spend all your advertising budget only on real customers that are interested in your products and services.… More Details


What is AdWatcher?

AdWatcher is a tool that detects and removes advertising click frauds, improving your conversion rates. Your advertising is monitored in real-time and fraudulent clicks are removed as soon as they are detected.… More Details


What is Clixtell?

Clixtell Click Fraud Protection is a PPC click fraud prevention and protection software that can help you protect your PPC campaigns, increase ROI and avoid spending money on competitors’ clicks, bots and scripts, and farm links.… More Details

PPC Protect

What is PPC Protect?

PPC Protect is a Google Ads click fraud prevention tool that can help you stop fraudulent clicks on your ads immediately and protect your future campaigns from competitors, bots and farm clicks.… More Details


What is ClickCease?

ClickCease is a PPC tool that can help you protect your Adwords campaigns from click frauds. The tool will exclude invalid IPs and block fake clicks received from bots, competitors, and click farms.… More Details

PPC Ad Editor

What is PPC Ad Editor?

PPC Ad Editor can help you create effective Google Ads campaigns and share them with your clients to get feedback.… More Details


What is WordStream?

WordStream is a great PPC tool that can help small and medium businesses maximize their online advertising results.… More Details