What Are the Best Content Research Tools in 2024?

Content Research Tools

Best Content Research Tools in 2024

When creating new content for your site is good to do some research first to make sure people are actually interested in that content. You can write great content on a topic but if no one wants to read about it it’s a waste of time.

Here is a list of tools to help you research content ideas and discover what topics are in trend.

Alternative Content Research Tools [Overview]

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Google Alerts

Google Alerts is used to discover opportunities for brand building, link building, collaborations, etc.  It is the best tool for beginners and it’s entirely free. When you enter your search items in the required field, it will provide you with immediate results. This tool will keep your content fresh, and your traffic will increase. Google Alerts will keep you updated with the changing trends that you can use for your content. It has several categories such as health, sports, business, finance, etc. It is the best option for those who own blogs. [Google Alerts Review]

Answer the Public

Suggested searches from Google and Bing are mapped out and organized by this amazing tool called Answer the Public. It is a tool created to help content marketers better understand their audience and their queries. Since all search engines work according to an algorithm that indexes sites and provides the user with the sites based on the search words they used, you will need to know what these terms will be, and ‘Answer the Public’ helps you do just that. It uses pictorial graphs that show question modifiers such as what? How? Where? Etc. [Answer the Public Review]


In the world of SEO, the quality of the content and its impact on the ranking of websites greatly revolves around the use of keywords. The better the selection of keywords in accordance with the website category and current global trends and searches, the higher the ranking and thus more customer traffic as well. QuestionDB provides its users with a whole variety of data that is relevant to a particular keyword. This is one of the fastest ways through which one can gather keywords and relevant information just by searching a single word. It is quite easy to use and has a simple and easy user interface. [QuestionDB Review]

Google Q&A Software

Google Q&A Software is a tool from MassOptimizer, designed to help you get fresh ideas for new content whenever you need it. It uses the Google system of related questions to topics that you search and allows you to export them easily to other formats of files. This information allows you to create useful FAQ sections or develop new posts or articles to attract and retain new or existing customers. As a result, your research time is reduced. Besides, it includes a set of bonus tools that ease your tasks on social networks when adding and correcting new content. [Google Q&A Software Review]


StoryBase is a marketing tool aimed to provide businesses with valuable information to optimize their content. It consists in discovering deeper keywords and their potential users to boost organic growth. To do so, it begins with digital brainstorms through users´ queries and their concerns. Then, after obtaining the most compelling questions, content creators can create and develop the most interesting and trustworthy material to answer such questions. And, to make sure the message reaches the proper audience, the tool allows for building buyers’ personas and all their variations. Also, the tool is connected to Google Search Console to guarantee accurate results backed up by real performance. [StoryBase Review]

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Posted on: October 20, 2019