What Are the Best Affiliate Plugins for WordPress Sites in 2024?

Affiliate Wordpress Plugins

Best Affiliate Plugins for WordPress Sites in 2024

Over time more and more people started to be interested in affiliate marketing. While WordPress is one of the most popular platforms for building websites and blogs, developers started to build different plugins for it to make the work easier for affiliate marketers.

Adding your ads inside the right places, managing your affiliate links, or even finding new products to target as an affiliate can now be easily done directly from your WordPress administration section.

Here is a list of the best Affiliate plugins for WordPress that you can easily install on your site and improve your affiliate marketing efforts.

Alternative Affiliate Plugins for WordPress [Overview]

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Pretty Links is a popular URL shortening tool that can also be used for link building and tracking. It is an efficient online tracking tool that reports web traffic and gets social metrics. This plugin is used by many affiliate marketers to track clicks on their affiliate links and also make them look good. Basically, they have a URL shortener service on their own domain. Pretty Links propels the impact of your online business with leading market strategies and analytics. You can engage potential clients through this platform to amplify your brand. You can optimize your strategies and progress with access to data analytics tools. This platform can be used to strengthen relationships with your clients and delight them with what they need at the right time. [Pretty Links Review]

Thirsty Affiliates

Thirsty Affiliates link cloaking plugin is specially designed for bloggers to make some money. It works by keeping track of all the affiliate links and IDs and ensures that every link on your website is working efficiently. This plugin protects your commissions from theft. It allows you to keep all your affiliate links in one central location. Thirsty Affiliate enables link redirection for your affiliate links. The core plugin is free of cost, but you can also purchase the paid one if you need access to more advanced functions. [Thirsty Affiliates Review]


Adning is one of the most advanced WordPress advertising managers. It was formerly known as the WP Pro advertising system. This plugin ensures that your banner is easily managed on any WordPress site. With the help of Adning, you can sell ad spots on your websites directly to your advertisers. The process is smooth and easy, it runs automatically. It gives you full control over the content of your ads. It has an auto-positioning setting to ad banners to your website directly. It is free from the hassle of shortcodes and widgets. From one location, you can manage your banners for all your posts and pages. [Adning Review]


AdSanity is a WordPress plugin that enables you to create and display banner ads of all sizes. It uses different shortcodes and widgets to display ads on your site. This is known as the most popular way to earn money on WordPress. Using this ad management plugin you can create and manage your ads without any hassle. In this way, your site is more organized and you get more control over your ads. Moreover, it also provides you with statistical data on the performance of your ads. It is known as one of the most powerful plugins used for WordPress ads. [AdSanity Review]

Affiliate Coupons

Affiliate websites can be a challenging task. For this purpose, the Affiliate Coupons plugin is the best choice for you when you use discount coupons for the products you are promoting. It helps you to promote your coupons and deals easily without any hassle. In this way, it boosts conversions to your affiliate website. Affiliate Coupons help you to create and display coupons on your website. A lot of time is saved and your sales increase. The affiliate Coupons plugin is light-weighted and well-coded for any marketer who is searching for tools to increase sales on his site. It has two versions, one is free and the other one is the premium paid version that has advanced features. [Affiliate Coupons Review]

Ads Pro Ad Manager

Ads Pro Ad Manager is a premium WordPress ad plugin that is specially designed to manage to sell and display your advertising space. This tool supports the grid system and templates to show user-friendly ads on your site. It is completely free from Ads Blocker. This ad manager aims to provide you with a better online experience. All the ad templates are 100% flexible. With the help of an intuitive admin panel, you can manage and view your ads more efficiently. Moreover, you can even display Google AdSense Banner using this Ads manager. [Ads Pro Ad Manager Review]

Easy Affiliate Links is a plugin for WordPress developed by Bootstrapped and it helps you to manage and add your affiliate links to your website content. Both cloaked and non-cloaked links are managed with the help of the Easy Affiliate Link tool. Every click is being tracked. It has a user-friendly interface, all the links are easy to manage and the process is very simple. You can get insights into your link clicks and this will automatically boost your revenue. When you are creating a link, it will give you plenty of options to choose from. [Easy Affiliate Links Review]

Amazon Simple Affiliate

Amazon Simple Affiliate (ASA2) is the type of plugin that proves the convenience of WordPress platforms. Its main function allows you to embed Amazon´s products into online business. As a result, all its features are highly targeted to satisfy such demands. It is also a global platform because it supports international Amazon markets and additional languages. In addition, it covers a variety of features that go from images to templates you can customize, and supports the Yoast SEO plugin. Besides, it pays special attention to following strict security policies by following EU-GDPR. It is simple enough to be suitable for beginners and advanced marketers. [Amazon Simple Affiliate Review]


Despite many plugins claiming to be the best plugin for Amazon’s affiliates, this is by far one of the richest AAWPs. It is possible because it offers a wide range of features that include benefits to optimize the WordPress site such as automated updates, product boxes, text, and bestseller lists, among others. Secondly, it offers many technical features and frequent updates of the plugin. Finally, it is very easy to configure and offers many customizable options to adapt them to your business. Also, it covers many of Amazon’s markets to allow you to display your strategies in international territories without losing any chance of commissions. [AAWP Review]

EasyAzon 4

EasyAzon is a pioneer plugin to manage Amazon´s affiliate programs. You can use all its customizable functionalities without coding or programming skills. Those functionalities include unique pop-ups that can maximize affiliate links. Also, it improves the chances of getting better and higher commissions with the link localizer that considers the location of the visitor to display the proper Amazon market. What really stands out is the quick and easy way to use and install all the features that make it an essential time-saver. And, it is also easy to use for customers as they can order their products faster. [EasyAzon 4 Review]

AmaLinks Pro

Amalinks Pro is a revolutionary plugin for Amazon’s Affiliate programs because it could skip the API to offer some of the best features you can get. As a result, WordPress publishers have a very efficient way to connect with Amazon´s program. To make it easier, Amalinks Pro offers a complete set of documentation, videos, demos, and tutorials to learn about all its features. Some of the most outstanding include different types of links, call-to-action buttons, and table builders, all of which are fully customizable. Also, they allow the website’s visitors to interact and due to that, they increase the CTR. [AmaLinks Pro Review]

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Posted on: August 21, 2019