What Are the Best PPC Fraud Protection Tools in 2024?

PPC Fraud Protection Tools

Best PPC Fraud Protection Tools in 2024

Did you know that over 20% of your PPC budget is wasted by fraudulent clicks? No wonder your campaigns are not as profitable as they should be. The wasted money could bring a lot of new sales. To make this happen, you can try any of the tools below.

Alternative PPC Fraud Protection Tools [Overview]

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ClickCease is an anti-fraud tool aimed to help customers save marketing campaigns efforts to reach real people. Despite all the advantages that this type of advertising offers, either malware or competitors’ attacks can deviate the budget and relevant decisions. For these cases, the tool offers a complete analysis that allows you to detect and control such attacks. Hence, this tool identifies fake clicks in your PPC campaigns. Also, Click Cease provides useful insights to make sure you make the right decisions. Meanwhile, you get to know your competitors and their strategies to try to beat the Ads of your digital campaigns. [ClickCease Review]

PPC Protect

As its name suggests, the PPC Protect tool protects your Ads from click frauds around the web. And what stands out about it is that they took a step further by adding some preventive features that do not need to wait until the fraudster clicks on the Ads. In addition, it provides an extensive set of security features that result in highly desirable for businesses that need to handle multiple sites at the same time in a secure manner. Hence, it is a complete tool that includes fraud prevention, detection, and management. [PPC Protect Review]


Clixtell aims to provide you with full protection from fraudulent clicks. With the help of Clixtell, you can now protect your PPC campaigns and increase your ROI at the same time. It automatically detects any fraudulent activity, in this way future threats are mitigated and precautionary measures are taken the prevention of any further damage. Every year, 1 out of every 4 clicks is found to be click fraud and that causes a huge amount of loss for every businessman out there. Clixtell is a reliable and user-friendly software that enables you to secure your Google ads and Bing ads budget. [Clixtell Review]


AdWatcher is a tool that helps you optimize advertisement campaigns. When sellers try to sell a product, they have to advertise it to get the attention of the public and the main goal of ad campaigns is to increase the ROI as much as possible. This software helps you achieve that goal. It performs various tasks such as detection and removal of click fraud, improvement of conversion rates, and much more to make your advertising model the best there is. [AdWatcher Review]


ClickGuard enables you to block click fraud to boost up your profits and Google Ad conversions. You can do that by monitoring your campaigns in real-time. It automatically detects any fraudulent activity, in this way future threats are mitigated and precautionary measures are taken the prevention of any further damage. The software works in a way that your campaign becomes invisible to untrustworthy third parties. ClickGuard provides you an opportunity to customize your ads according to your company’s needs, so you get to decide who will view your ads. They have the fastest and most reliable fraud detection software that tracks every aspect of malicious content, including location, IP address, device, etc. [ClickGuard Review]


AdWary provides you with complete transparency and protection against click frauds in Google Ads. This technology is designed in such a way that it detects every fraudulent click and takes precautionary measures to prevent further damage.  When all the malicious activities are put to stop, then your campaign works smoothly. AdWary gives you complete control over the links and every click is analyzed precisely. In an era of competitive industries, click fraud occurs time and time again, for that reason AdWary provides comprehensive protection against all these shady third parties. Various industries use AdWary to protect their campaigns with data protection regulations. [AdWary Review]


PPCSecure is a fraud detection software organization that works automatically. It monitors your ads through a click fraud prevention algorithm. PPCSecure automatically blocks IP addresses when your ad is clicked too many times by the same IP address, device, or cookie ID and places your offender’s IP address into your IP exclusion list. A warning is also sent to your offender and you are notified through an email. It also tracks the users who have to spend time on your site and their conversions. This software blocks the IP addresses with an average time of between 2 to 3 seconds. Moreover, PPCSecure includes features such as keyword tracking, activity monitoring, account alerts, etc. [PPCSecure Review]


Impact Protect and Monitor (formerly known as Forensiq) is a fraud detection platform powered by machine learning technologies. Its main goal is to provide website owners with smart tools that help them to detect and fight against fraudulent actions related to ads. It is able to protect the entire sales funnel on multiple platforms and is always evolving according to the market needs. Also, it can detect all types of frauds, no matter if they come from real persons, malicious programs, or botnets. Besides, it can detect fraud in ads distributed on multiple channels and devices. [Impact Review]

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Posted on: June 2, 2019