PushAlert Tool

What is PushAlert?

PushAlert is a push notification service for websites. It supports desktop and mobile browsers, it tracks your campaigns and offers in-depth analysis, it even allows you to perform A/B testing with your push notifications to better understand your audience’s needs.

How To Use PushAlert? (Features)

  • 1-Click Subscription – Visitors to your website only require 1 click to become subscribers. It is instantaneous and doesn’t require annoying pop-ups or additional information. 
  • Dynamic Segmentation – With this feature, you have a wide range of options that let you create as many segments as you need. Besides, you can choose among the type of device or OS used by your subscribers, location, the number of visits, URL opened, and keywords.
  • Simple A/B Testing – You only need to create 2 versions of the same push notification, release it and wait that PushAlert informs you which obtained the best response. Then, you will only have to select the most successful option to distribute among your subscribers. 
  • Abandoned Cart Notifications – You may retarget any potential customer who added items to his/her cart with an automated push notification.
  • Shipment Alerts – By informing your customers about their shipments you will improve their customer experience from the beginning of their purchase to the end when they receive the article. 
  • Full Conversion Funnel Automation – You can define every single step of the funnel to make sure your potential buyers receive the push notification they need to convert. 
  • Opt-In Box Themes – You will find up to 5 different themes of opt-in boxes and change their colors and location in the browser. 
  • In-depth Analytics – This type of analytics will let you analyze the perfect timing to deliver your push notifications. Also, you can understand which is the best content for certain regions and know where your subscribers come from. 

Pros (Advantages)

  • PushAlert supports both HTTP and HTTPS websites and doesn’t require additional SSL certificates for HTTPS sites.
  • It offers multilingual support that allows changing the text of push notifications to the language of your subscribers.
  • There is a “Free Lifetime” membership and all the other plans include free trials.
  • It recently added the Russian browser “Yandex”.

Cons (Disadvantages)

  • It doesn’t offer phone customer support.
  • The price of memberships mostly varies on the number of subscribers.
  • The free plan doesn’t include all the features of the platform.

How Does PushAlert Work? (Conclusion)

PushAlert is a simple and intuitive platform that doesn’t lack advanced functionalities. Either local and global companies can obtain the best of it due to its extensive set of features. Without a doubt a serious contender to contender to consider if you are hunting for the best conversion and push service software.

How Much It Costs? (Pricing)

PushAlert Prices
PushAlert Prices

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Posted on: December 31, 2019