NoFollow Browser Extension Review – Outlines Links on Web Pages

Nofollow Browser Extension

What is NoFollow?

NoFollow browser extension by Igorware outlines the no-follow links (also the new link attributes UGC and sponsored), do-follow, external links, and links on pages with a NoFollow robots meta tag.

How To Use NoFollow? (Features)

  • Highlights – The No-Follow links tell search engines to not follow a specific link. These NoFollow links can have more than one rel (relationship) attribute. As a result, the target of the link in the index of the search engine is not affected by hyperlinks. This extension has the ability to outline these types of links. This highlight is represented in a red dotted box around the link.
  • Backlinks – Another important feature of this extension is that it provides backlinks. Backlinks are considered by Google as “votes” and they are necessary for a site to rank well in SERP. Moreover, they divert the visitors and audience of another website to your website, increasing your website traffic.
  • Outlines NoIndex – The NoIndex is a metatag that users add to certain pages on their websites. This tag helps to tell the search engine not to add certain pages to their index but the search engines do follow the link of the particular pages. The extension outlines it. 
  • Set your own CSS styles – For outlining links, the extension gives the user an opportunity to distinguish the result of the outlining by styling Cascading Style Sheet (CSS). This differentiation function will help the user identify and arrange the results accordingly, helping him later. 

Pros (Advantages)

  • Protection from spam – A NoFollow tag makes your website independent of other sites. By this, your website and its content are protected from spammers. 
  • Time-saving – This extension is time-saving. By using it you can see right-away information about the links on the pages you visit.
  • No Google penalty – No-follow links do not get to pass through PageRank. By making sure your links to low-quality websites have a proper attribute set, your website will avoid being penalized by Google.

Cons (Disadvantages)

  • Search engine ranking – Nofollow tags do not serve to increase the search engine ranking of your website. The position of your website remains the same in the search engine.
  • SEO – Nofollow links don’t directly affect your SEO. Websites with NoFollow tags don’t benefit your SEO efforts.
  • Loss of activity – Several bloggers leave the link of their blogs in the comments of other bloggers. But if a blog allows NoFollow link, they cannot post their link, as a result, they would not get recognition. So, your blog will certainly lose some activity. 

How Does NoFollow Work? (Conclusion)

Hence, NoFollow quickly identifies links that are coded with the No-Follow attribute. This provides instructions on a way to tell search engines not to follow the links on a specific page. Though, there are certain engines that would follow the links but would not include them in their ranking. This extension can be used to check the attribute of the links we are working on. The extension help supports search engine-specific robot meta tags and also helps to disable or to enable the extension for defined websites. Any SEO should consider using this extension especially because it is free.

How Much It Costs? (Pricing)

The NoFollow Browser Extension is totally free.

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Posted on: December 23, 2019