FeedbackZ Tool

What is FeedbackZ?

FeedbackZ is a platform for Amazon feedback requests. It allows you to automatically schedule and send friendly follow-up email requests to your buyers. Communicating with your buyers will help you increase the number of positive reviews and avoid receiving negative reviews.

How To Use FeedbackZ? (Features)

  • Live Demo – This feature allows everyone to explore how their whole system works. This also lets the user test what they exactly want for themselves.
  • Full HTML/CSS Template – The customizable templates are extremely useful as they help the user to work efficiently.
  • Custom Links to AmazonFeedbackZ lets the user put in custom links that can send buyers straight to Amazon’s Product review section with the user’s product appearing at the top. These links can be used differently within an email like on product images, product titles, buttons, etc.
  • Track Pending & Sent – This service allows the user to keep checking off all the emails they have. This includes scheduled, sent, unsent, and other exact information like send date, time, buyer, and order, etc. This really helps the user to keep everything in order and in check.

Pros (Advantages)

  • Free 25-Days Trial – The free 25-day trial lets the user experience their services and lets him decide for himself whether or not if he wants to invest more or not. This gives the user freedom of choice by not bounding him by any investment for the first experience.
  • Live Demo – This feature is not available on other platforms and requires no Sign-Up. So basically this is very useful to get an overall idea about the system.
  • Easy to edit presets – The presets available are comprehensible and understandable yet they are also easy to edit and customizable. This gives the user a lot of space to think and work on. Customizability is kept very minimalistic so it helps the user to easily change the pre-set in whatever way they want and unlike other sites is not confusing.

Cons (Disadvantages)

  • Static design – Although the design is extremely intuitive but is extremely static and boring. This can tire the user if he is working with a lot of different presets at the same time for a longer period of time. This design can also be very unattractive to the user as such emails are extremely saturated in the market and they do not attract a lot of customers.
  • Limited services – Although the company provides some really good services, they are mostly limited and restricted to email. If a user wants to address an audience that addresses email as well as other platforms, this company won’t help in addressing such issues. Basically, the audience that does not use email is not entertained a lot.

How Does FeedbackZ Work? (Conclusion)

In conclusion, FeedbackZ is extremely useful for users who sent a lot of automated email ads and are a lot dependent on links in their email. However, the services they provide are extremely limited as the users can’t go beyond email marketing. The design is also very static and a lot of improvement can be made.

How Much It Costs? (Pricing)

FeedbackZ Prices
FeedbackZ Prices
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Posted on: January 5, 2020