What Are the Best Review & Feedback Request Tools in 2024?

Feedback Review Tools

Best Review & Feedback Tools in 2024

Did you know that your product listing reviews are not only influencing your conversion rate but also your ranking in product searches on all major retail networks?

Below you can find a list of tools you can use to improve your reviews.

Alternative Review & Feedback Tools [Overview]

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AMZFinder is an Amazon-integrated software that helps sellers to keep track of their online business. It is an example of SaaS, which refers to software that is available online and is hosted centrally rather than being installed individually on computers. AMZFinder enables users to manage customer support services, and financial services, and to keep track of their progress. It is a hybrid of CRM and ERP models that enable users to analyze customer data. AMZFinder is focused on enhancing marketing efficiency and customer management. This software allows users to effectively manage their business processes and procedures. [AMZFinder Review]

Feedback Genius

Feedback Genius is an Amazon tool designed by Seller Labs for providing Amazon sellers a potent medium to garner reviews about their products. This ingenious feedback tool provides an excellent platform for the users to acquaint themselves with all those critical reviews of the buyers in relation to their products. The application also renders its usage to the users to enhance their Amazon standings and sales by enabling them to rectify any existing issues pertaining to their products on the basis of the response generated. Feedback Genius expends control over the component of feedback to the users, thus providing them an effortless and efficient medium to analyze their products and plan effective marketing strategies accordingly. [Feedback Genius Review]

Feedback Express

The feedback on Amazon is a great asset in boosting sales and winning the buy box. Feedback Express is ideal to use when making sure you get a response from your customers on Amazon, by sending a fully automated email response to each buyer. It provides templates for the feedback email you send to the customer and also makes sure to send the email again if the customer has not read it yet. The fully automated system provides filters that allow the seller to target specific customers under specific conditions. The seller can add a link in the email of the feedback page provoking customers to give feedback. [Feedback Express Review]

Feedback Five

Feedback Five is a great tool offered by eComEngine which allows users to efficiently manage customer reviews, customer ratings, and updates on Amazon. It allows you to keep in touch with your customers’ needs and requirements in an automated way. By taking care of your seller profile and getting good feedback and by getting good reviews on the products you offer, you will increase both your conversion rate and the total number of sales. Also, Amazon is using the number and quality of the reviews as a ranking factor inside their search engine.

As you know, customers always look at the reviews of a product before buying it and once they are decided to make the purchase, they check the seller to see if it can be trusted. Customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal of every business, with this platform you can enhance your business’ performance using advanced analytical tools. [Feedback Five Review]


FeedbackZ is an online service provider built for increasing marketing knowledge for Amazon sellers seeking more beautiful and more powerfully targeted automatic follow-up email funnels. They help the user to know more about their clients and help the user to direct their clients directly to the result they want. [FeedbackZ Review]


Do you have a large business network on Amazon, and too many customers to deal with alone, it’s not your problem alone, many others have the same problem that’s why SalesBacker is here. SalesBacker is like having your own virtual assistant emailing your customers on a daily basis where you no longer have to worry about sending emails to all these customers. SalesBacker is focused on getting Amazon sellers’ reviews and feedback to increase sales, with only a few clicks you can automatically reach a tremendous number of customers which will result in expanding your business and increasing your database of customers. [SalesBacker Review]


Kibly is a popular email automation smart tool. And it is mainly designed for Amazon sellers. The main intention of this tool is to increase the number and quality of positive reviews and feedback. And it both, directly and indirectly, affects and improves your Amazon sales. It follows a different way to get positive feedback and reviews. Kibly claims that it uses email templates and that can rightly help you to automate customer service. It sends customized and customer-friendly emails to all your customers so that your potential customers can understand you and pay attention to their needs. [Kibly Review]


SellerLift is an Amazon tool for sellers to manage their post-sale messages and feedback from customers to find out how their experience was and better understand their needs.  Not only this but the tool helps sellers to access customer purchase & interaction history with details of products ordered, frequency, reviews given, and many more.

Amazon is the most popular online retail network which is boosting the sales and profits of many other smaller online retailers or businesses. Building a good reputation on Amazon is very hard and at the same time very important because you are competing with other sellers selling the same products as you, or even better and cheaper products. To maintain a good reputation it is critical to get positive feedback from your customers and good reviews on the products you sell, as these have a big influence on the future number of sales and also on the ranking of the products in the Amazon search. [SellerLift Review]


BQool introduces you to BigCRM, a tool that helps you to automate e-mails. The e-mails simplify customer service and assist in automating the process of feedback and inspecting the request e-mails. This results in getting more feedback and reviews smoothly. Moreover, it improves your customer service quality extensively. With this tool, you’ll be able to respond to your customers’ queries quicker, manage customers more efficiently, and secure your seller reputation productively. All the customer issues are centralized in one place so you can easily resolve customer inquiries without the need for more accounts. Such well-organized customer service has never been so simple. [BigCRM Review]


Better the feedback, better the sales. This tool facilitates getting feedback petition from customers. Feedback tool, by xSellco, requests feedback for the right products from the satisfied customers at the appropriate time, thus, leading to higher seller rankings. It is an automated tool that serves to gather positive feedback from customers on the type of product, location, and delivery status that shares this amongst others. This results in a high reputation for your brand. In addition to being a feedback solicitor, it organizes reviews, separates the positive from the negative ones, and provides you with an opportunity to respond quickly in every condition. [Feedback Review]


SellerLion is a review and feedback software for Amazon FBA and FBM sellers. It allows them to get in touch with customers every time they buy. Also, it is possible to leverage the platform to contact buyers for marketing and support according to Amazon rules. It is easy to set up in just a couple of minutes and starts working immediately. Also, it offers an intuitive reputation management dashboard to allow tracking and handling of negative reviews rapidly. A wide range of pre-made templates ease the process and their full customizations allow sellers to align their marketing campaigns with the emails. [SellerLion Review]

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Posted on: May 30, 2019