eDesk Tool

What is eDesk?

eDesk is a customer support tool that gathers customer support requests from your website, from all your retail marketplaces and social channels into one place and allows you to manage all of them from a simple to use dashboard.

How To Use eDesk? (Features)

  • Centralized dashboard – Through one simple dashboard, it manages customer support from all of your social or sales channels. They give you instant visibility of your performance.
  • Templates and snippets – These customizable message templates respond to customer questions or queries in just two clicks. Snippets usually speed up your personalized responses by automating key details like customer name, order details or delivery address.
  • Auto-Translation – It internationally opens stores for new customers and helps to grow your business by providing your team with the ability to communicate in other languages without the need of multilingual agents.
  • Artificial Intelligence – In a one-click it sends personalized responses to customer queries. eDdesk’s Artificial intelligence checks and examine customer queries or questions and presents you with an appropriate response so that you can reply in seconds.
  • Auto Responder – During peak support times or out of office hours, it fulfills customer expectations and demands with automated responses and never leaves a customer waiting.
  • Full Order Detail – When eCommerce platforms such as channel advisor, Bright Pearl, Skubana, Shopify, and Linnworks are linked, full order details are viewed with support tickets.
  • Collision Detection – It detects and sends you an alert when any of your team members are dealing with the same customer query.

Pros (Advantages)

  • Centralized inbox for all integration – It consists of a centralized inbox where you can store all the customer queries and details such as order information, shipping or address and sale channels.
  • Feedback – It sends automated feedback requests across all the platforms encouraging the customers to leave reviews and increase their sales.
  • Intelligent routing – The best agents are assigned with incoming tickets through unlimited customizable rules which makes it easy to solve each query.

Cons (Disadvantages)

  • Third-party – There is no integration with third-party apps to expand its usability and effectiveness.
  • System messages – It doesn’t filter system messages and junks because monthly plans are charged according to the number of support tickets. Moreover, for help, extra charges are added besides the monthly installment.
  • Automation – As the system is automated, several valid email servers may be added to the blocklist due to a minor error in the system.

How Does eDesk Work? (Conclusion)

eDesk customer helpdesk helps online sellers to grow their business worldwide. With its smart features, it ensures that the customer name, order details, and shipping are matched with the Incoming communications. eDesk gives you a centralized view of its team performance and allows you to plan for peak seasons. 

How Much It Costs? (Pricing)

eDesk Prices
eDesk Prices
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Posted on: January 5, 2020