Bulk Response Tool

What is BulkResponse?

BulkResponse is a mass email marketing service that allows you to send transactional emails and email marketing campaigns. It has real-time email tracking and advanced reports and analytics for your campaigns. Another great feature is the list hygiene and data validation that can help you clean up your lists and increase your email deliverability.

How To Use BulkResponse? (Features)

  • Fast SMTP servers & Dedicated IP – Fast servers ensure that your emails are delivered quickly and effectively without any hindrance to data security. The software provides a dedicated IP for your email campaigns to ensure that you don’t face any issues and have a customized data sending mechanism. The email server that is used, is tested and checked thoroughly before working for you, and it is ensured that it is whitelisted by Yahoo, AOL, Hotmail, and Gmail. If your marketing requirement is for mass email campaigns, then you can opt for custom domains and dedicated servers to ensure seamless working which works on SSD disks, and powerful MTA. 
  • Email Marketing – This feature lets you import unlimited contacts for efficient marketing. The software automatically decreases the bounce rate and gives you the freedom to set up autoresponders to your recipients which are triggered by form submissions. 
  • Templates – Bulkrespone also provides various templates to attract your customers towards your products. 
  • Reports – Every time a user opens the email, clicks, or unsubscribes, reports about each and every detail as well as the metrics for your campaign’s performance are provided. You can also import or export data onto the software. 
  • Email Delivery – This feature allows delivery across AII ISP. Your blacklist will also be removed by the support team. BulkResponse provides ISP Feedback loop submissions and IP whitelisting services for high-end users. It also lets you send SPF verified emails to ensure that it always reaches the inboxes. Sender ID is ensured spam-proof so your company’s image is not ruined and your sales grow.

Pros (Advantages)

  • Deliverability Rate – 95% deliverability rate across aII ISPs ensures that you target the absolutely correct audience for increased profits. 
  • Customer Support – The customer support is exceptional, with the feature of live chat or phone to ensure that your marketing campaigns run seamlessly. 
  • HTML – Coding help is provided by the software to ensure you create the right template to attract your audience. 

Cons (Disadvantages)

  • Landing pages – The landing pages cannot be attached to emails which is a hassle for users when bringing customers to their online content. 
  • Interface – The user interface is sluggish at times and takes time to respond. 
  • Expensive – The pricing is high as each feature has a subscription fee. 

How Does BulkResponse Work? (Conclusion)

BulkResponse is an exceptional business intelligence software that ensures that your email campaigns are carried out smoothly. It has unique features such as SMTP relay, and report generation. However, it can work on making the software cheaper and accessible to more small scale businesses.

How Much It Costs? (Pricing)

BulkResponse Prices
BulkResponse Prices
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Posted on: January 12, 2020