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Affiliate Recruitment Tool

What is Affiliate Recruitment?

AffiliateRecruitment is a recruitment tool that can help you discover a complete list of affiliate marketers promoting the type of content you are interested in. Using this tool is a good way to gain access to affiliate marketers promoting the products and services of your competitors.

How To Use Affiliate Recruitment? (Features)

  • Propriety Recruitment Tool – Its advanced search engine and filtration allow its users a complete list of affiliate sites through which they can pick and choose, providing them with the best opportunities, clicks away.
  • Category Queries – Through advanced algorithms, Affiliate Recruitment runs target related queries, providing a more focused and specialized search facility to clients. The engine allows users to choose their own audience type in relation to the products they want to be managed and brings to them affiliation sites specialized for the type of audience wishing to be targeted.
  • Aggressive Outreach and Optimized Messaging – This recruitment tool vigorously searches through thousands of options, sifting through topics, product types, and audience types to bring to their client’s efficient options for their advertisements.
  • Easy to Use Interface – It allows users to access their products without requiring technical resources, marketing collateral or any access to secure data or logins. Products are accessed without any prior security requirements easily and effectively.
  • Affiliate Introduction – Affiliate Recruitment not only finds prospective recruiting sites for their clients but also organize meetings in between them alongside bi-weekly reports to the clients detailing analysis and statistics of the recruitment sites shortlisted for their clients.

Pros (Advantages)

  • Product Specific Recruitment – Affiliate Recruitment filters down the vast number of recruitment agencies by the products and target audience their clients require. This allows clients to pick and choose through agents more experienced in the products they require marketing for, thereby increasing the target audience they reach out to and the effectiveness of their outreach itself
  • Effective Messaging and Communication – Through a communication mean based on complete transparency between the client and agent recruited, Affiliation Recruitment allows an equal base for both client and customer to converse and negotiate through.
  • Recruitment Agency Analysis – This tool provides a rating analysis of the affiliation sites that register with them, providing their clients with an accurate spectrum through which they may judge and pick accordingly the choice that serves them best.

Cons (Disadvantages)

  • A vast number of options – With the incredible number of options provided, clients may find it difficult to choose between the agencies, regardless of ratings
  • Interface Difficulty – No video tutorials are provided before registration or contact, which may prove difficult to the users
  • Website interface inadequacy – The Website itself is plain without a lot of information about procedures.

How Does Affiliate Recruitment Work? (Conclusion)

Affiliate Recruitment is a one-stop-shop for clients wishing to promote their products to a wide array of audiences. With agent ratings, statistics and a vast number of options to choose from, Affiliate Recruitment gives its clients a platform through which they can effectively mass-market products without having to go through the tedious procedures that are usually followed by during manual marketing. The platform provided not only proves beneficial to their clients but the agencies that join Affiliate Recruitment through proper negotiations and transparencies guaranteed between the client and them.

How Much It Costs? (Pricing)

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Posted on: December 28, 2019