WebCEO Review – A Good SEO Tool Kit for Digital Agencies

WebCeo Tool

What is WebCEO?

WebCEO is an SEO tool kit for Digital Agencies, offering professional lead generation tools, advanced SEO task management, and white-label reports. It can be used for keyword research and to check rankings, run in-depth SEO audits, monitor backlinks, conduct safe link building and link detox, social media analysis, and competitor research.

How To Use WebCEO? (Features)

  • All SEO tools – WebCEO offers all kinds of SEO-building tools to its clients so that they can easily and efficiently go on developing their online SEO campaigns. These tools include keyword research, check to rank, in-depth SEO, audits, monitoring backlinks, social media analysis, and competitor research.
  • Team collaboration – This feature is a very impressive addition to the functions that WebCEO offers to its clients, WebCEO does not charge anything extra for any new addition if any of your team members try to access our services.
  • SEO leads – This feature acts as an embedded lead generation algorithm on your site where your visitors can request an SEO report delivered with your company brand name with your email address. These prospects can easily be converted into customers.
  • Multi-Management – The user can add multiple projects at one time and schedule multiple SEO tasks in a batch. The user will be able to see all the progress in just one glance and will get very in-depth coverage of the marketing analytics for each site the client is working on. This may help you notice any critical issues.

Pros (Advantages)

  • Free Training – WebCEO offers free training support to all its customers, this training module helps its users to get prepared for all kinds of integrated tools.
  • Affordable Pricing – The pricing pattern is quite affordable as compared to the other sites that offer the same services.
  • 17 standard SEO tools – All these standard 17 SEO tools can easily be used due to the user-friendly interface.

Cons (Disadvantages)

  • Extra Money for CBS – If the client wants to run a Competitor Backlink Spy man times in a month, WebCEO charges extra money for that.
  • Interface Issues – Without spending some time learning how to use it, the interface of WebCEO can be confusing sometimes.
  • False Alarms – It has been reported by the users and many clients that the user alerts are not always right. Sometimes you get an alert message for a broken link, but you check it and it’s fine.

How Does WebCEO Work? (Conclusion)

Overall, WebCEO is a very strong tool and a head start to start building your SEO agency. Once a company starts working with WebCEO, it can offer a very competitive and professional SEO service to its clients. This tool helps to improve both SEO and PPC efforts.

How Much It Costs? (Pricing)

WebCeo Prices
WebCeo Prices
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Posted on: May 14, 2020