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Shareaholic Social Share Buttons Plugin

What is Shareaholic Social Share Buttons?

Shareaholic Social Share Buttons is a WordPress plugin that enables you to add social buttons and icons on your site so people can easily share the content they find interesting with their friends on social networks. The plugin is mobile responsive and supports over 100 social networks.

How To Use Shareaholic Social Share Buttons? (Features)

  • Simple Installation – Social share buttons are easy to install. It is hassle-free. You only need to update and tweak as you go.
  • No Blocked Pages – Developed by Shareaholics, the social share buttons prevent any blockage during the loading process because they have a well-engineered code. This feature enables you to work without any obstruction. 
  • In-Page Share Buttons – It is rightly said that the tools that work together, provides high performance and also secures the environment and infrastructure of the company. You can add share buttons anywhere, for example, under the headlines, within your content, the bottom of the article, forms, and modals, etc. 
  • Share button for Images – Another important key feature of this tool is that it allows site owners to add share buttons to their images automatically. Right on the upper left corner of the image, you will see a “pin it button,” specially made available for you to share it wherever you want. This feature will allow users to share images seamlessly and in this way, the user will get to know more about the company that is generating this tool. It hardly takes 30 seconds to enable shareable images. This feature is completely free at the moment and is now available to 300k publishers who reach more than 400mm people monthly.
  • Floated Share Buttons – This is a great and fast way to promote your content as it increases the sharing activity by 2x times. These share buttons hover on the side on the page and accessed easily by the users rather than those which are found within the content.

Pros (Advantages)

  • Easy to share content – Social share buttons are known as the interstates of web content. With a single click, users can easily share and endorse an article or a blog with their entire social network, and this helps the site owners to get viral traffic.
  • Determines the Content that works on Social media Channels – With the help of social share buttons, you will get to know about the popularity of your content and with the help of this, you can improve your content strategy to gain more audience and traffic.

Cons (Disadvantages)

  • Slows down your Website – Social buttons do have the potential to boost up your website’s traffic, but at the same time, there can be a drawback too, that is it can slow down your website while loading some pages. 
  • Social Sharing and Content Confidence – If your content is good enough, then people will find a way to share it and you don’t need social buttons for that. But it is a rare case because, in this era of competition, it has become vital to use every strategy to boost up your content.

How Does Shareaholic Social Share Buttons Work? (Conclusion)

In this era of competition, it has become necessary to use every possible strategy that might help you to boost your content and allow viral traffic to your website, for this purpose, you should definitely use Shareaholic Social Share Buttons.

How Much It Costs? (Pricing)

You can use this plugin for free, but you need to create a Shareaholic account.

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Shareaholic Prices
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Posted on: January 19, 2020