SendForensics Tool

What is SendForensics?

SendForensics is an advanced email deliverability and engagement toolset that allows you to test and monitor the deliverability of your email campaigns. It also gives you the option to setup deliverability alerts so you can fix the issues as they appear and avoid hurting your sender reputation.

How To Use SendForensics? (Features)

  • Predictive Deliverability Metrics – Its deliverability Score is one of a kind, prescient demonstrating of an email’s capacity to achieve any given inbox.
  • Content Analysis & Optimisation – They have an upgraded vocabulary feature. It has a custom-built advanced reference engine. For improved deliverability, it will identify and display the keywords with a high SPAM score and recommend to you alternative keywords to use that are less risky.
  • Infrastructure Analysis & Optimisation – With its latest deliverability-improving developments ( such as MTA/IP reputation, SPF, DKIM & DMARC authentication, received-route analysis ) you can test your sending infrastructure is whether clean, compliant, authenticated, and up to date or not.
  • DMARC Compliance Verification – This authentication protocol will provide you insights into previously obscure deliverability problems.
  • Live Inbox Placement Testing – In order to help to identify problems with particular ISPs, you can send emails to real inboxes at 30+ international providers.  If you combine actual live placement testing with their advanced statistical models, you can uncover impressive insights.
  • Email Client Preview Testing – Both engagement and deliverability won’t have to suffer because of the emails that don’t render properly. To pre-empt any potential issues it’ll just take a quick glance across their client preview testing screenshots.
  • Blacklist and whitelist monitoring – You don’t have to be confused with simple sending IP blacklist monitoring. The system will analyze and report on all RBL/RWL activities.
  • Deliverability alerts – The deliverability alerts will inform you if something is changed for the worse.

Pros (Advantages)

  • Collaboration – SendForensics considers collaboration throughout your teams and groups.
  • Easy-to-use UI – the UI is anything but difficult to use across the board.
  • Low pricing – All the features are included even in the lowest-tier version.

Cons (Disadvantages)

  • Destabilizing reporting – Reporting in some cases slacks and can be glitchy.
  • Less responsive customer support – There’s a huge lack of customer support. They take a few hours to a few days when responding to a ticket.
  • Glitchy flag items – The flag items inside email layouts that are required by CAN-SPAM law, similar to our physical mailing address can be glitchy sometimes.

How Does SendForensics Work? (Conclusion)

The SendForensics deliverability score is displayed in realtime on the conduct of far-reaching dissemination of worldwide receiving systems. Ultimately a higher deliverability score is equaled to more clicks and fewer complaints. There are numerous factors that influence campaign success, with some preferably increasingly hard to command over others. Presently that it’s conceivable to keep deliverability routinely in the sweet-spot, and pre-emptively before a campaign is sent, that is one less issue to stress over.

How Much It Costs? (Pricing)

SendForensics Prices
SendForensics Prices
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Posted on: January 12, 2020