SellerLift Tool

What is SellerLift?

SellerLift is an Amazon reviews and feedback management tool. It helps you get better Amazon product reviews and seller feedback with automated messages to your customers. You can schedule the emails to be sent out at the right moment to increase the chance of getting a review.

How To Use SellerLift? (Features)

  • Ready-made templates – Communicating with your customers is much easier with predesigned templates.
  • Html emails editor – No matter which device your customer is viewing the mail with whether a mobile phone, tablet or their personal computer, your mail will still look good and organized with the editor tool you can use to edit, preview and send test emails to make sure that your mail goes as intended.
  • Available mail personalizing option – You can personalize your mail by adding a personal touch to each mail automatically with Order Number, Buyer Name and reviewing link by using auto-fill fields.
  • Automatic post-sale messages – You can automate post-sale messages in order to follow up with your customers and to figure out how their experience was.
  • Integrated scheduler – Integrated scheduler can help you automate the sending of personalized emails to your customers which will ease reaching new customers and expanding your business.
  • Filtering and targeting – You can filter your customers with one of the simplest filters where you can sort your customers by the product they have ordered, the delivery status of the order, repeat buyer, customers who left feedback and those who opted out, to pause/stop any further communication.

Pros (Advantages)

  • User-friendly – SellerLift is very easy to use and handle despite the great number of features it presents.
  • Communication on all international markets – Message your buyers on all Amazon Marketplaces: Europe, North America, South America, Asia & Australia
  • Marvelous features – SellerLift offers many marvelous features like no other tool such as Free Set-up, Free Email Support, Free Preloaded Email templates, Negative Feedback Alerts, Review Tracking/Alerts.

Cons (Disadvantages)

  • High cost – A little bit expensive if you want a high-volume membership, compared to other platforms.
  • Only 15-day of free trial – SellerLift offers a 15-day free trial for the tool in order to give sellers the chance to get to know the tool better but it is a disadvantage where other platforms offer a complete month for testing the tool.
  • Less number of responding emails – in SellerLift tool you get to send a fewer number of emails.

How Does SellerLift Work? (Conclusion)

SellerLift is a very good choice for Amazon sellers to create long-lasting business relationships with their customers. Its user-friendly email automation system is designed to work specifically within the Amazon ecosystem. SellerLift helps sellers to expand their business by truly understanding their customers’ needs and by offering them exactly what they need.

How Much It Costs? (Pricing)

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Sellerlift Prices
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Posted on: January 5, 2020