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What is Push Monkey?

PushMonkey is a push marketing tool that can be integrated with your website so your visitors can be targeted with push notifications. It works for both desktop and mobile visitors and it allows you to segment your audience and schedule automatic and retargeting campaigns.

How To Use Push Monkey? (Features)

  • Custom Branding – All your push notifications are delivered according to your rules and designs. They don’t add advertising or promos from any other brand. Not even from Push Monkey.
  • Increased Engagement – Your subscribers can receive push notifications at any time and it doesn’t matter if they are navigating through your site or not. If they receive the push when they are not connected, the push will appear when they get connected again. 
  • Unlimited Notifications – Push Monkey’s plans allow you to send as many push notifications that you want to your subscribers. It is up to you to decide the number of them according to your marketing and strategic goals.
  • Management of Multiple Websites – It is possible to install Push Monkey in several sites and centralized the management of all of them from just one central account.
  • GEO Location: discover the exact location of your subscribers and adapt the content of your push according to it. Change language and cultural information and become relevant to them.
  • Permission Prompt – The first notice of your push notifications is the permission prompt. Therefore, it is essential to do it right and Push Monkey offers a nice design to help you win subscribers. 
  • Full Integration with Multiple Platforms – You can integrate your platform with just one click and rest assure that Push Monkey is compatible with most of them. Among them are Shopify, Wix, WordPress, Magento, Instapage, just to name a few. 

Pros (Advantages)

  • Integration with E-commerce Shopify and WooCommerce obtain automated cart abandoned push notifications.
  • It offers a “Free for Ever” subscription that is equipped with all the features of paid ones, doesn’t require a credit card, and includes 24/7 live support.
  • It covers a wide range of devices, browsers, and operating systems.

Cons (Disadvantages)

  • It doesn’t offer A/B testing.
  • It is restricted in India.
  • Reports and analytics are as extensive as other push service providers.

How Does Push Monkey Work? (Conclusion)

Push Monkey doesn’t set limits to what you can message to your subscribers and it makes it very flexible for all types of campaigns. In addition, it is easy to set up and manage which also makes ideal for small businesses. However, bigger companies may obtain great advantages to develop great campaigns too. It is not by chance that many e-commerce platforms recommend it as one of the best tools.

How Much It Costs? (Pricing)

PushMonkey Prices
PushMonkey Prices

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Posted on: December 31, 2019