Media Rails Tool

What is Mediarails?

Mediarails is a customer relationship manager (CRM) platform that allows you to manage the relationship with all your online business partners. It helps you discover new potential partners to promote your business like influencers, bloggers, affiliate marketers, and resellers. It also helps you engage the existing ones, and track your relationship with them. Everything is automated.

How To Use Mediarails? (Features)

  • Custom Reporting – The custom news suite enables you to produce and offer appropriate ideas to company customers promptly, while the messaging center and email pages enable you to monitor your appropriate advocacy and business responses seamlessly.
  • Interface – Intuitive software that gives you and your affiliate members efficiency transparency. Partner analytics, computer and material reporting, and applications that monitor all depending on your client procurement phases.
  • Ad formats – Host a range of ad types that match the requirements and blend of your associates (headline advertisements, SMS connections, email templates, etc.). Impact also offers a versatile contract management base so that partner-by-partner committee buildings can be dynamically arranged and managed on the scale.
  • Radius Impact – The most useful part about Radius Impact is that under one roof many programs will allow you to handle everything in one location.
  • Tracking and Reporting – The monitoring and reporting capacities of the platform were much more sophisticated. 
  • No special tags requirements – Mediarails does not need any special tags or IT integration. 

Pros (Advantages)

  • Emails – The emails are sent in bulk and their progress is tracked timely for convenience.
  • UI – Impact Radius UI is very simple to access and very smooth. Your dashboard and records can also be customized depending on your regular requirements and activities. Impact Radius’ customer assistance is very helpful and patient in solving all your queries apart from the item itself. The response is fast and they’re always prepared for an alternative.
  • Newsletter – The Impact newsletters are sent to you to educate you. Impact requires the feedback of its customers into account and always seeks to enhance and scale up their program. The group at IR is very active, but the team is intelligent, helpful and tactful.

Cons (Disadvantages)

  • ESP integration – One enhancement suggestion would be for more (affiliate) colleague interaction to be managed through the tool, through immediate ESP integration.
  • Billing – The billing cycle is a little bit confusing for some users.
  • Graphs and reports – Some users complain that the graphs and reports are not viewed on firefox. 

How Does Mediarails Work? (Conclusion)

By offering a unified CRM, Mediarails completes a huge gap in the affiliate marketing room. Partnership marketing is about handling various interactions and juggling can be a bunch. Mediarails makes it easy to send emails and track their progress as well, you should definitely try it out.

How Much It Costs? (Pricing)

Prices are not displayed on the site.

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Posted on: December 28, 2019