What Are the Best Market Research Tools in 2024?

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Best Market Research Tools in 2024

It’s time to better understand your industry and improve your marketing strategies. It’s critical for any business to understand its customers. What are their needs? What are their expectations? What type of products do they like and why?

We put together a list of tools and services that you can use to research the market and understand what you are doing wrong and what you need to do to fix it and properly plan your marketing strategy.

Alternative Market Research Tools [Overview]

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SurveyMonkey is a tool to create surveys easily. Since surveys can be applied in many fields, they broke down all those fields until classifying different purposes. Due to that, you can find surveys that offer solutions for businesses, such as markets or employees, and teams, such as human resources or marketing. To create the surveys, the platform developed advanced and automated features that allow you to customize them according to your own needs. The results are readily available through exportable and shareable reports that facilitate collaboration for team members. Moreover, all these features provide a lot of information that you can use to power your business, site, or interest. [Surveymonkey Review]


KeySurvey is dedicated to helping businesses improve their processes and to do so it focuses its efforts on high-tech administer surveys. And they also expanded their efforts to develop software that manages and analyzes the results. Due to that, the platform offers a wide range of features to maximize the accuracy and effectiveness of the answers as well as facilitate the process for the respondents. In this sense, you can find a Mobile feature to allow surveys on any type of device. Also, the Offline feature that allows surveys without the Internet connection and a sophisticated but complete reporting system to analyze the results with maximum accuracy and flexibility. [KeySurvey Review]


Questback provides valuable tools to help you understand employees, customers, and the market. By managing the experience of each one of those levels you can get insights and overviews through suites that improve operations/performance, governance, and research activities. All of it is done through text analytics and machine learning technology applied to surveys. The results provide actionable insights that allow for making smarter business decisions. Thus, you can find specialized software to measure employee engagement and sentiment toward your company, customers, and products. Also, tools such as COI Disclosure and MySafety prevent risks and malfunctions. In addition, the platform provides a variety of solutions for specific industries and a set of solutions that cover specific stages of a business. [QuestBack Review]


BizMiner is a platform that offers an exceptional financial and market analysis of USA-based businesses. They mostly stand out because they are detailed oriented and cover an extraordinary amount of data. They can be used to achieve business goals, find new market opportunities, and establish benchmarks, among others. Its innovative approach covers Market trends, Financial and credit reports, prospect lists, competitive analysis, and company insights. Hence, business managers can get a 360° view of a business when they have to make their decisions. It diminishes the risks and speeds up the decisions. Since it can provide reports for different types of industries, and any location either local or national, it is an ideal tool for small, medium, and big enterprises. [BizMiner Review]


GatherUp is a reputation management tool. It offers advanced and professional features that fit perfectly well for small and/or multi-location businesses and marketing agencies. It centers its attention on reviews and feedback as the main source to build an online reputation and follows the whole path of its creation and management. To do so, it developed options to optimize their generation, monitoring, and marketing/SEO. Hence, you can foster the participation of customers in your campaigns and act quickly to handle negative reactions. Also, the platform can handle a high volume of information with multi-location features and the reporting system allows you to centralize all the information in just one place. [GatherUp Review]


UserVoice is known as the original feedback solution. Since its creation, it developed a suite of tools that enhance the communication between customers and stakeholders. Also, it includes a variety of tools that guide companies to make better decisions. Moreover, it developed a complete suite of tools for certain key areas of the company.

This platform also gets empowered due that it integrates easily with many other platforms. They allow it to maximize all its functions by collecting information from a wide range of sources.  Understanding is the main goal but organizing and leveraging the information you can get is what makes this platform stand out. [UserVoice Review]


Clearbit allows companies to become truly B2B data-driven by offering a unique approach that provides maximum quality and coverage. That includes information that is always up to date and provides information for the entire customer cycle. Also, it uses modern technology that can pull information from many different sources and uses machine learning to process it.

Although it is a complex and sophisticated technology, it is fully customizable and provides a wide range of criteria to adapt it to the simplest or most challenging situations. Moreover, it integrates with some of the most important selling and customer service platforms. [Clearbit Review]

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Posted on: June 8, 2020